Board and Train

Our fastest, most reliable program.

Do you have a dog that just won’t listen?

Is your dogs behaviour unreliable or inconsistent?

Does your dog display fearful or aggressive behaviours?

or do you have a puppy who just needs to learn what to do, and what not to do ?

Board & Train is for those who just don’t have the time or knowledge to train their dog themselves or maybe a more advanced rehabilitation is required.

Balanced-K9 specialises in training for both obedience and behaviour modification.

Its like an obedience Boarding school for your dog, spending 3-5 weeks with Sam and his Pack, 24hrs a day. – learning the in’s and out’s of how to be a calm, well mannered, happy, balanced dog who knows how to listen to you respectfully, even around high levels of distraction.

We start with the basics of learning to walk nicely on a loose leash (heel), sit, down (with built in stay) and ‘come’ on command. As well as these basic commands, they learn everyday manners, spacial awareness, calm down on command, to be less stressed, anxious, fearful, frantic, To be relaxed, confident, balanced K9’s.

On conclusion of the dogs stay, you will be handed back a fully off leash trained pooch, along with the correct training leash and collars suited for you and your dog, and walked through a 2 hour private lesson on how to work with the dog and handle in any situation.  Also included is an additional free training session to follow up and see how your dog has settled in back home.

With our training program, you can expect a dog who:

  • Listens after the first command
  • Listens around all levels of distractions
  • Listens without the need for bribery with food
  • Listens without the need for getting angry or raising your voice

Our training focuses on creating an obedient dog through the development of respect and trust.  Your relationship with your dog is the most important factor.

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We understand that the time away from your dog may seem daunting, but its super beneficial for the dog to be Fully immersed in the training, in a consistent lifestyle and not be distracted by its usual everyday life and “responsibilities” protecting the family.  During this time, we will give you a little bit of homework to familiarise yourself on our methods to help understand what will be required of you for the first 30-90 days that the dog is back home.

During your dogs stay, we go some amazing places, exploring all sorts of new locations, to learn how to behave in each situation, around high level distractions, and how to remain calm and responsive to the handler.


Some rescue dogs have a bit of previous baggage/history which can take a little longer to work out, and is decided on a case by case basis once Sam has seen and worked with the dog. As long as the owners are on board with following through on the training, then we can get amazing results with any dog and any Breed.

$3000 – (For 3 weeks)

$4500 (For 5 weeks)

( *$500 worth of training equipment is included in these prices. )