We believe in finding the right way for you and your dog to learn. We all learn at different rates and in different ways. We like to keep things nice and simple for you and your dog to understand.

It’s about Understanding your dog

It’s our job to find the right way for you and your dog to learn.

We like to keep things nice and simple. If the dog’s getting mixed messages from you and/or different members of the family it can create a lot of confusion. So we break it down into simple steps.

Depending on your dogs needs (each dog has different drives and needs that need fulfilling) we offer a few different services to help supplement/assist with the training/rehabilitation and your education. We may recommend all or some of these:

Board & Train 
Our fastest, Most reliable training program. Let us work through the challenging early stages of training, and the tedious repetition that you may not have time for.

Pack Socialisation 
Large pack of balanced dogs to help build social skills and structure, mixing with all different breeds and temperaments of dogs.

Roaming Pack
Exposure and high distraction training through long walks in various situations.

One-on-One Training
A 2 hour training session for obedience, behaviour modification, on leash&off leash walking, and state of mind training for your dog to learn to chill next to you at a café.

Group Classes
I occasionally run group weekend classes for those unable to take days off in the week.

There are some methods I use with certain dogs that are not suited for other temperaments or handlers. I ask my clients to be open minded in trying new things to see what will work best for their dog and their situation.

I consider myself a “Balanced” style trainer, believing that the dog needs both reward for the good, and correct guidance and discipline for the unwanted behaviours.