Balanced K9 was founded by Sam Alderdice. Sam has known, studied and worked with dogs around the world his entire life. Balanced K9 is his way of passing on this knowledge and experience to dog owners.

Sam Alderdice

Our Pack Leader/Owner/Founder

Sam has had a long history working with dogs and teaching humans how to communicate on a natural/primal level all around the world.

Sams history with dogs dates back to younger than he can remember. Raised in a pack of 7, he quickly learnt about hierarchy and who the leader was. Being exposed to farm dogs, strays, and wild dogs in remote countries, it helped him grasp the importance of having a dog work with you, out of respect, and a strong bond.

Sam grew up travelling a great deal to some strange third world countries and spending a lot of time in the jungle with wild animals, learning quickly about  the “natural energy and body language which every animal uses and understands. ” He felt he understood animals better than humans, as animals  would “speak” the same language” no matter where he was in the world.

Back in my home town (Palmerston North) he would use his knowledge of animal behaviour and pack structure, be out walking packs of neighbourhood dogs for fun and exercise, while constantly expanding his knowledge base about dog training and behaviour, and practising everyday.

After leaving school, Sam went over to help his parents in Papua New Guinea running medical clinics and starting schools. In his off time, he was out earning the trust and respect from the wild dogs and joining packs – Yep, he was the weird kid 😉

Since then Sam has trained people all over the world with their dogs. He has helped to start a dog psychology centre in Australia, specialising in aggressive, anxious and fearful type dogs. He ran a prison program training prisoners to rehabilitate ex-racing greyhounds to be family pets. And has worked police dogs in packs, teaching social skills and Pack structure.

Sam has spent the last 6 years building up his business – Balanced-K9 – here in New Zealand.


Sam continues to work with dogs everyday, and teach owners how to better understand their dogs, and work with them in a way you understand.

“I believe we are never done learning, and my best teachers are the dogs themselves.”

Sam is approved by, and Keeps current with the international association of canine professionals standards for dog training.